Winning oneself is good

Winning oneself is good

“Winning oneself is good.”

The word “Winning oneself” means to conquer oneself, to overcome the desires that lead to greed, anger, and delusion because, in our ordinary human nature, we are constantly defeated by desires.

While we triumph in sports competitions, we are happy, but we may not realize that we are losing to desire.

While we win against business rivals, we smile proudly, but we may not realize that we are losing to greed.

While we achieve victory in battle against our adversaries, we rejoice, but we may not realize that we are losing to anger.

It can be seen that external victories or worldly victories, regardless of what we win or whom we defeat, in whatever matter, we are still constantly losing to desire.

Therefore, external victories are considered as victories that do not truly enrich anything. They are merely seeking fame and distinction in accordance with the worldly trends. Winning in such a way can be followed by losing, and it’s uncertain.

However, winning over oneself or conquering the desires that dominate our minds, that is what can truly be considered a noble victory.

Whenever we conquer greed, anger, and delusion that gnaw at our minds, at that moment, victories in other aspects of the world will no longer occupy our thoughts. They become insignificant.

And we will be known as true victors, no longer destined to suffer defeat, and we will attain lasting happiness.

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